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Would you like to have a stronger, flatter belly?

I’ll show you how.  You can strengthen your “stomach muscles” most easily if you lie on your back.

You have 4 layers of muscles on your abdomen and they go in 4 different directions–crosswise, vertical and at angles to your midline.  You may find, over time, that you can isolate the different layers.  Some are more toward the side, some more toward the midline.

What are the benefits of strong stomach muscles?

You have probably heard of core training?  That means making the muscles of your torso strong so you can stay upright and not collapse forward or sideways.  When you have strong abdominal muscles, your posture will be better.

You will feel better and look better and better posture means less back pain, neck pain and head pain.

Your muscles will be holding you in the posture you were designed to be in!  🙂

Here’s how:

The idea is to squeeze or draw your belly button inward toward your spine.  Make your belly move toward the bed or floor as you lay on your back. Squeeze, squeeze.

If you do this with your arms overhead, the abdominal muscles are lengthened as they become stronger.  That’s what we want:  long and strong!

Here is the link to a YouTube video that will give you a good visual demonstration of your abdominal muscles.

Some of the movements this expert does may seem very strange to you, but I assure you that you have the same muscles he does.  It’s just that his are well-trained from years of practice.

Watch as he pulls his stomach muscles in toward his spine.  He does this several times in the first few minutes of the video.  This is the movement you want to do–even a tiny bit–and over time your muscles will get stronger

And you will have stronger abdominal muscles, too!


Hello Readers,

Just wanted to share that my book Head Pain Natural Relief is #1 in the Kindle Store at Amazon.com today in the Pain Management category!  🙂  That makes me very happy because that means I am helping a lot of people feel better.

And it’s #4 today in the Kindle Store category for Alternative Medicine.  🙂

Those numbers can change but that’s where my book is ranked today and I am grateful!

In the Kindle Store, the book costs less than $5.00.  Print copies are also available at amazon.com.

Here’s the link for the book:  http://www.amazon.com/Head-Pain-Natural-Relief-ebook/dp/B009V5B5VS/

You know, I started writing online in the first place so that I could “get my hands on” more people at a time.  And that’s worked very well.  I have had readers from all over the world write to me to say that they are now feeling better because of something that I wrote.  🙂

Right now, my focus has turned from creating new articles on my websites to creating natural pain relief books.  Each book will be specific to a certain type of pain–Head Pain, Hip Pain, etc.–so all of the information will be in just one place.

Thank you for giving me a couple of minutes to share my pleasure in attaining these ratings at Amazon.com.

If you click on the link in this article you will be able to see the reviews this book has been getting.  I’m very grateful for the people who gave such great reviews to Head Pain Natural Relief.

Thank you!


Head Pain Natural Relief can help you get rid of your headaches and migraines!  How do I know?  I wrote it. 🙂  It comes in soft cover for you to mark up and make notes or in a Kindle version.

If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry.  You can get a free Kindle Reader App at Amazon.com which will let you read Kindle books on your computer, smart phone or other devices.

Take action now and you can start getting rid of your headaches and migraines today.  Really!

Here’s a testimonial from a reader:

This book is loaded with practical tips from the author’s professional and personal experience with headaches. If you’re suffering from a migraine headache right now, I recommend that you skip directly to the chapter called “What helps a migraine RIGHT NOW?” for some easy and effective ways to start relieving the pain right away.

You may also want to take a look at the sections that start with “Trigger points which cause head pain” and use the helpful diagrams and massage tips the author includes to track down and treat the source of your headache. (An example of her massage tips: certain muscles respond better to being “lifted,” “pushed up,” or “unrolled front to back” rather than simply being pressed in on.)

Once you’re past an immediate headache crisis, go back and read the entire book to get a comprehensive look at the possible causes for your headaches and some all-natural ways to reduce or even permanently eliminate them.

I picked up a number of quick and easy tips from this book that I can start using today to immediately reduce my headache frequency and intensity. Plus the author’s tips on posture, exercise, diet, sleeping positions, and more are arming me with a plan for making myself less vulnerable to headaches in the future.

Thanks for the pain relief, Kathryn!

I look forward to hearing that you have gotten rid of your headaches or migraines.  🙂



Why is meditation so good?

1.  It helps you relax as you forget about the cares of the day.  As you relax, your blood pressure goes down.  The tension in your shoulders starts to seep away.

2.  It distracts you from day-to-day worries.

3.  It creates a sense of calmness.

4.  People who meditate become less emotionally involved and more able to care for people.  A recent study showed that when non-meditators were shown photos of people in distress or injured, they turned away or were repulsed.  But meditators felt more compassion rather than revulsion and were able to be more caring.

5.  Meditation allows you to focus more easily on the task at hand.

You may request a free report about the power of meditation at http://RelaxInto.com.

Is meditation the only way to have all of these benefits?


Tai chi, yoga, stretching and even knitting or gardening can help you relax, feel better and get rid of stress.  But meditation is one more natural tool that you can add to your self-help toolbox of things that are good for you.



Headaches have causes.  What’s causing yours?  Here’s a list of several possible reasons that your head hurts:

1.  Poor posture.  Head pain can happen because of poor posture.  But what causes poor posture?  A weak back or bad  habits when sitting and standing.

2.  Certain foods can cause reactions in blood vessels that lead to headaches.

3.  Poking your chin out too far.  That strains your neck muscles and the muscles at the base of your skull.

4.  Being constipated.  A diet that has too much processed foods and not enough fiber can cause constipation.  So can too little water and poor posture.  When your posture collapses it squashes your intestines so stuff cannot move as it should.

5.  Aspirin deficiency.  No, not really.   🙂   There is no such thing as aspirin deficiency.

6.  Losing the natural curves in your lower back and neck.  You are supposed to have a little space behind your waist and behind your neck.  If you don’t, it’s often referred to as ‘military neck’–too straight.

7.  Having too much of a curve in your lower back or neck.  There is a fine line between too much and too little curve in your spine.  What causes too much or too little curve?  Muscles.  Habits.  Car seats.

Since bodies work in logical ways almost everything that causes pain has a cause.  Pain doesn’t happen without a reason.  I wrote this book to help you understand WHY your head hurts and the steps you can take to make it stop hurting.   If you can figure out the cause of your head pain there’s a really, really good chance you can get rid of your headache naturally. 🙂


How To Help Your Diabetic Feet And Legs Or Recover From A Leg Injury

You might have pins and needles, pain or numbness in your feet.  Maybe you fell and bruised or broke you leg.  And so  maybe you can’t walk so well right now.

But, here’s the thing:  Don’t stop moving.

You might not be able to walk or stand right now but can you still move your feet and legs?

If yes, that’s great!  Here are some ideas to keep the blood flowing and the muscles moving.  (Even a little movement is better than none at all.)

1.  You can shake your feet from side to side, or roll your legs from side to side when you are in bed.  Pretend your feet are windshield wipers on a car.  Swipe one at a time from side to side.  When you move your feet like that it also moves all the muscles in your whole leg and even in your hip!

They sell machines that help people move but hey! If Continue Reading »


What causes muscle tension headaches in the back of your head?

Here are the most likely causes of discomfort that feels like pressure or squeezing at the base of your skull.

1.  You slept with your neck ‘too straight.’  This happens when your pillow doesn’t support your neck.  It’s more as though your neck is in a ‘hammock’ position.  This strains the muscles at the base of your skull.

2.  You stick your chin out when you are trying to see the monitor or something else.  This happens especially to people who wear bifocals because they are trying to read through the bottom of the lens and the screen is too high.  This shortens the muscles at the base of your skull.

How can you get rid of muscle tension headaches?

1.  Massage works.  Either find a professional massage therapist or do it yourself.  The back of your skull is called the occiput.  Make sure the therapist knows how to massage there before you spend your money.  You can learn how to do it yourself by getting or borrowing a copy of the blue trigger point self-help book that is on the right hand side of this page.

Basically, to do it yourself, press Continue Reading »


Can’t swim?  No problem!  Water is a great resistance tool for exercising and almost anyone can enjoy it.

When you are in water, movement becomes easier because the water supports you.  Gravity cannot pull so much on your joints.  The spaces between your spine bones can actually get wider.

Water resists your movements.  That’s what strengthens your muscles.  The water acts as a resistance tool.

And it just plain feels good!


If you cannot go into the deeper end of the pool, don’t worry.  You can do most of these movements in the shallower end, too.

And something else you can do in the shallow end is resistance walking.  Just walk pressing your legs (and maybe your arms, too) against the water with forward movements. Use your whole foot to walk and push off with your toes.

Here are some of the reasons I love doing water exercises.

  • It’s easier to move your joints in the water.
  • You don’t sweat while you are working out.
  • It’s refreshing.
  • You get a good workout.
  • If you are outside, you are getting your Vitamin D and that’s really important!

I really did learn to swim by watching turtles and I’m not really a mermaid.  But it’s fun to pretend and you can, too!



Here are 10 ways you can improve your health and get rid of pain naturally:

1.  Be responsible for your own wellness.  No one cares as much about your body as you have to.

2.  Feed your body wholesome foods and avoid fake foods and additives.  Just because it is sold in a grocery store does NOT mean the thing on the shelf is food!  There is no fooling your body.  When you eat junk your body knows!

3.  Take a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.  I do.  I’m not a doctor but plenty of doctors take these to stay healthy, too.

3.  Reduce your stress.  Take some time out for a stress-buster like meditation or yoga.

4.  Improve your posture.  Poor posture is responsible for TONS of muscle pain!

5.  Stretch in the correct directions.  The correct direction is the one that you never or hardly ever use!

6.  Breathe deeply.  Move your ribs.  Get the oxygen in.

7.  Get enough sleep.  People in research Continue Reading »


Is it okay to have massage when you have cancer?  YES!

Dr. Bernie Siegel MD said the benefits of massage far outweigh any possible danger.  And no ‘danger’ has ever been documented from massage therapy for cancer patients.

In fact, many hospitals now have specially trained oncology (cancer) massage therapists.  As long as you feel like being touched, a massage is appropriate for you.

Here is a guest-written article with more information about the benefits of oncology massage.

Experience the Difference Massage Therapy Can Make for Cancer Patients

If you have gone through endless cancer treatments, there is a good possibility your body feels ravaged and aching.  Massage therapy can help cancer patients to experience relief from sore muscles and aching joints.  In addition to physical relief, massages also offer cancer patients a way to relax and to rejuvenate.

Relaxing and taking time away from busy schedules and on-going treatments for mesothelioma and other forms of cancer is vital to a person’s well being.  Just an hour a week to indulge in a soothing massage can make all the difference in the world for cancer patients of all ages.

Regular Continue Reading »


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